Did you ever…


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When I hear the phrase “Did you ever”, I start thinking of the song we sang as children about a fish in the bay. “Did you ever see a fishy on a hot summer’s day? Did you ever see a fishy all swimming in the bay?”

A few weeks ago I was visiting my dad and the activity that was going on was called Reminiscing. The facilitator would ask questions such as: Who has ever danced a waltz? Who has been to California? etc. As the game went on, I found more and more questions to which I could answer, “yes”. I started thinking about the many experiences I have had and the places I have visited. It brought back lots of fond memories. I guess I qualify as being adventurous.

Skied in four states (that’s US states 🙂 ); flown around the world; seen a glacier; visited or lived in more than half the US states; been on a cruise; sang background on a cd; jumped out of an airplane; went horseback riding in three states; served with the Red Cross; ate crocodile, ostrich and emu; flew to another city for pizza & ice cream; traveled to at least nine countries.

Those are just a few of my adventures. What are your adventures and experiences? I still have a few on my “bucket” list: hot air balloon ride, African safari, cruise through the Panama Canal, to name a few. It’s a great way to get to know people. Did you ever… – you can set boundaries on what types of questions can be asked.