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A little delay in getting this one out as I’m in the crunch of tax season. Still great to look back over a month and see the many things for which I can give thanks.

  1. Witnessing a life transformed
  2. Prayer and anointing after a long work day
  3. Squirrels stealing birdseed
  4. Photographs that make me smile
  5. Making dad laugh
  6. Children dancing
  7. Hugs
  8. Lingering smell of lilies
  9. An artist date with God
  10. Laughing rooster
  11. Safe drive home after a long day
  12. God’s great mercy
  13. A listening ear
  14. Acrobatic squirrels
  15. Things that slow me down
  16. Coupon that arrives just when you need it
  17. Sparrow on a bush
  18. Daffodils
  19. Grace to grieve
  20. Time to say good-bye
  21. Eating slow enough to taste
  22. The bird that didn’t hit my car
  23. Revelation to put a need into words
  24. Helping others get extra refunds
  25. Painting flowers
  26. Too many choices
  27. Helium voices
  28. Sitting with a sick friend
  29. The tick of a clock
  30. The beat of a heart
  31. Christ is risen!!