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Welcome to The Smile Diaries! I decided at the end of 2010 that I wanted to rediscover my “giggle”. I read several definitions of a giggle online, but what I’m talking about is that infectious laughter of children that seems to come from deep within and for which they cannot identify what is making them laugh. Even writing this I can hear my nephew, Adam, or my friend’s daughter, Grace, and I smile. While Christmas shopping last year, I was waiting in line to check out and heard the familiar, although unique, giggle. I looked ahead of me in line and saw a girl about 7 years old giggling and covering her mouth trying to stifle the giggle. She had put her doll in the hood of her mom’s jacket and her mom seemed completely unaware. This apparently struck the girl as something funny. Even remembering it now, it still makes me smile.

There is a lot of negativity in the news and around us, a lot of things that can bring us down. The purpose of this blog is to remind us of things that make us smile. Many of the postings will relate to spiritual truths and lessons because more than anything, knowing I am unconditionally and extravagantly loved by the God of the universe will always make me smile. Topics may include a new experience, a funny comment or sighting or may even just the remembrance of something that made me smile. Here are a few photos from the past that make me smile.

With hope that you too will discover more reasons to smile and giggle.Baby SquirrelsHubbard Glacier Calving