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I feel like I’ve been neglecting my blog. Sorry about that. I was talking with a friend recently about doing a daily blog vs. a weekly one and that maybe doing a daily one is actually easier. Maybe it’s more about just writing even short blogs as soon as there’s something to blog about. My life certainly has more things to laugh and smile about than a post every 3-4 weeks. Hope yours does too!

Have you ever felt that God set you up, that He orchestrated circumstances or opportunities to remind you of one or more facets of His awesome character? I think I’m finally grasping that when God sets me up, He always has something good in store. Even when it’s a situation for which I feel completely inadequate and unprepared, when I rely on Him it turns out beautiful. I had two such “set ups” this past week.

Thursday evening was our ladies’ Bible study at Church and the topic of discussion was “Walking by the Spirit”. I hadn’t talked with the woman who usually leads and assumed she’d be there. Well, she forgot or had something else come up and four of us sat outside (thank God for the beautiful weather that evening!) and discussed what to do. I have led the study in the past and said I hadn’t prepared but I could lead our discussion. I chuckled when I rememberd the chapter was on walking by the Spirit. So, God gave us all a test in walking by His leading. We had a great discussion and really felt we learned something. We laughed too. I don’t remember exactly why but I remember laughing!

Yesterday was my second set up. My dear friend, Rachael, invited a group of us to join her for lunch to celebrate her bEARTHday. She also extended an invitation to join her for Church beforehand. I knew I had an hour drive and thought I’d take her up on the offer so I wouldn’t feel rushed leaving my church and trying to be on time to meet them for lunch. Plus there was probably a nudge from God to be there. I spend the time during the drive to listen to a new cd and pray. When I walked into the Church, my tears started to flow – not sadness, but just release. It was good thing. The worship songs were the cry of my heart. I received prayer during worship and the woman who prayed was right on target. I was encouraged. At the end of the service I went forward again just to pray for more of God. I was reminded I don’t need more of God but more dependency on God. Someone came up behind me and shared a word with me they felt God had showed them during the service. More encouragement. At lunch, Rachael shared about how God open doors for her to have a new, higher paying, closer to home job. Again an example of God’s faithfulness. What He’s done for others, He can do for me. I know the day was to celebrate Rachael and we did. I’m also thankful God remembered me, and others too.

Next time you feel set up by God, trust Him to see you through and enjoy opportunities to celebrate the people in your life, even if it’s not their birthday.