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Since I started this blog, I hear conversations about smiles and laughter. The topic pops up all over the place. I also find more things to laugh and smile about. Maybe laughing and smiling lightens your heart a little bit to find there’s plenty to smile about. Here are a few that made me smile and laugh this week:

There are times we see something that strikes us as funny. Jay Leno shares these on The Tonight Show segment of “Headlines”. Maybe it was something missed in editing or it just didn’t come out the right way. I saw one the other day in an ad for a movie. The movie is entitled, “Gone!” The last frame on the trailer says, “Coming Soon! Gone!” Now is it coming soon or is it gone. It can’t be both, can it?

The church calendar had a note commenting that a local ministry to the poor needed pantry items. The problem was that pantry was misspelled and so the notice said they needed “panty items”.

Driving along I see a sign that indicates the start of a center turn lane. What I found funny was that not two car lengths later was a sign that said end center turn lane. There wasn’t enough time between the start and the end for you to make use of the turn lane.

A friend shared a story of thinking two guys walking toward her said, “Jesus Christ”. They were actually reading a menu board which said, “Cheesy Spice”.

Listening to a cd from Graham Cooke on laughter. He points out the contagiousness of laughter. You can even hear people speaking a language you don’t know and if they start laughing, you’ll start laughing with them.

Keep your eyes and ears open to the humor in everyday life.