The face on the clock in the kitchen shows snowmen. We usually just put it up for the holidays, but this year decided to leave it up through the winter. It plays a Christmas song every hour. In order to keep that from happening through February and March, I removed one of the batteries from the back. I actually thought that would silence it completely, but I was wrong. Every hour there’s a short “beep”, the first note of the song. It’s like a little hiccup!

I think the audio card in my laptop is going bad because every 10-20 seconds it makes a squeak/honk sound. It kind of sounds like my laptop’s giving me the raspberry! It makes listening to music interesting. I chuckle though when the raspberry comes at a point in a song where it almost sounds appropriate.

These noises remind me of times when words escape someone’s mouth before the thinking part of the brain kicks in. What comes out is just the thing needed to break the tension or lighten the atmosphere. Other times, it’s funny but not as appropriate. I worked in an office a few years ago where three of us were in a building separate from the other facilities – I mean miles apart. We had received a Yahoo! button in the mail with no other materials. When pressed, it played the Yahoo! jingle (Hope you remember it, I had trouble inserting a sound clip here). We had fun with it. One day though our boss stopped by and I was sitting by the button when he said he was going to leave. Before my brain thought, my hand hit the button! It still makes me laugh. I did apologize for the timing.

PS – Look for my guest blog on The Faith Girls, Wednesday, February 8, 2012.