“Win a trip!”  “Win an iPad®! “ (Sorry, I’m NOT giving away free prizes)

We’ve seen the ads and if you’re like me, you enter the contest. I enter the ones that don’t cost me anything and are something I’d like to win. Lately it’s been for trips or a new car! I avoid the ones where the word FREE is followed by an asterisk. It usually means the item is not free and you’ll spend more money when you sign up for the partner offers than you would spend if you just bought the item outright. Personally I feel these ads are deceptive.

So what does all this have to do with smiles and laughter? I’m glad you asked. If you watch any prime time programs on CBS, you may know the contest ad that makes me laugh. Sharon & Ozzie Osbourne inviting you to enter a contest to win a free Colonoscopy!

Yes, you heard it right! A free trip to New York City for a colonoscopy. They may even give you pictures of the procedure to have as a souvenir. Now, if you’re thinking you could have fun for most of the three days in the Big Apple, then you probably haven’t had the procedure. Two days before you are limited in what you can eat. The day before you get to drink a concoction that’s only purpose is to clean you out, so you have to stay near the bathroom. After the procedure, it may take you a while to recover from the sedative. As many have said, the procedure isn’t bad; it’s the prep that’s nasty.

Honestly any disease that might be caught early by this exam is nothing to laugh about. I can think of a couple reasons why someone might enter: at risk for colon cancer and no insurance. I hope the person who wins is someone who benefits by having the procedure. If you’d like to find out how to enter, click this link: Colonoscopy Contest.

The procedure isn’t too bad and my doc gave me pictures (not something that goes in the family photo album).