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I cannot explain what happened to the shrubs that used to grow in the flower beds in front of the house. Over the last few years they have disappeared leaving one lonely plant. Last year we found some lovely ground cover (torenia) that grew well and added some color. This year I stopped by to see my cousin who owns a greenhouse and got some ideas for shrubs to plant. The plants were delivered last week. Mom and I planted them on Saturday. Thank God for the beautiful weather for planting and the rain He is bringing today and tomorrow for watering.

Flower Bed Left

Flower Bed Right

As I was planting, I was reminded of digging a hole with my dad many years ago to plant a maple tree in the back yard. The tree is now taller than the house, so that gives you and idea of how long it’s been there. My dad liked to work in the yard but health issues now keep him from enjoying that hobby. I was also reminded of a poem I wrote in 1995. It goes along with the Pastor’s sermon from the 6th about looking at things from a new perspective.


The other day
I heard you say
Life is not a bed of roses

It came to me
That depends on what your view is

Beautiful blooms
Fragrant perfumes
Only tell part of the story

The rest, it hides
From passing eyes
Beneath flowers that show God’s glory

The roots grow deep
Like faith to keep
Me standing firm in the storms of life

The thorns I find
Bring to my mind
That God’s grace is sufficient for me

The garden pests
Remind me best
Of the attacks from enemy lines

Small buds I see
Not yet complete
The hope of my future in His hands

Pruning, tending
On knees bending
The loving gardener is always there

Just a quick glance
You may by chance
Miss these treasures of wisdom and truth

A closer look
Is all it took
To find life IS a bed a roses.