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Twice last week I saw a red-tailed hawk try to snag a rabbit. The rabbit got away. 🙂

Saw my first fireflies of the season. Love watching their blinking lights.

Saw my first hummingbirds of the season too. Reminds me of the one I saw at Hubbard Glacier in Alaska. Strange place to see a hummingbird. I was standing on the veranda of our cruise cabin and wearing a bright pink sweater. I could feel the flutter of its wings as it hovered at my elbow thinking I was a flower. Too awed to try to get a photo.

Springtime means opening the windows and doors and letting the fresh air in. The other week while doing laundry, the dryer beeped to indicate the cycle was done. A bird outside thought it was a call and answered back.

Giggling with my niece in the pool. No wonder she can’t stay on the boogie board, she doesn’t stop laughing! 🙂

Needed to write this. I was beginning to feel rather down about my life and future. Writing these things out made me smile. Reminds me of another key: develop the ability to laugh at yourself. One way to do that is to tell someone else what you did. Their laughter will help you see the humor in what happened.